An Ancient Remedy for a Modern World

Inspired by the beauty and wellness lifestyles of historical icons like Cleopatra and Aphrodite, Rōzu modernizes the opulence of rose water for the trendsetters of today. It’s a spa experience in a bottle that allows you to practice self-care on the go.

The Answer to All Things Beauty and Wellness

Known for its healing and purifying properties, Bulgarian rose water has remained one of the best kept beauty secrets for centuries. And you're missing out. Rōzu brings all the benefits of the Bulgarian rose right to your doorstep in a sparkling beverage without the sugar and calories.

Feel the Benefits:

Purifies your skin
Promotes anti-aging
Alleviates migraines
Infused with vitamins
Improves your mood

Made with 100% Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

Not all roses are created equal, and the Bulgarian rose is exceptional. Picked from the lush Rose Valley of Bulgaria which produces half of the world’s rose oil, these roses are potent and luxurious. Rōzu is made exclusively with Bulgarian roses to ensure every bottle contains the highest quality rose essence.

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