Sparkling Hawaiian Jasmine Water

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Clear Skies: Sparkling Hawaiian Jasmine Water 

Find renewal in the clear skies of morning

Clear Skies sparkling Hawaiian Jasmine water will transport you to far-flung shores where floral scents play on the breeze and crystal clear morning skies renew your soul. Derived from the Persian word Yasmin—translated as ‘a gift from God’— the sacred jasmine flower’s heavenly scent is intoxicating, exotic and intense. 

Made with pure sparkling mineral water enhanced with 100% organic steam-distilled Hawaiian Jasmine flower essence sourced from the Hawaiian islands. No calories, sugars or sweeteners. We believe in letting the botanicals work their magic uninhibited.

The healing and uplifting properties of the Jasmine flower have been celebrated for thousands of years. Jasmine tea, drank widely across Asia for millenia, is loved not only for its exquisite flavor but also its perceived health benefits including soothing indigestion, clearing the skin, enhancing libido, and uplifting the mood.


12 fl. oz. │ 355 ml

Rōzu  Clear Skies │ Sparkling Hawaiian Jasmine Water

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