Sparkling Japanese Cherry Blossom Water

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Summer Bloom: Sparkling Japanese Cherry Blossom Water

Yield to the beauty and power of surrender

Delicate. Mysterious. Alluring. Summer Bloom will imbue you with the essence of Japanese beauty. Distilling both the blossom’s bright floral scent and its powerful anti-aging, skin-brightening and wellness-promoting properties, yield to the power of surrender and let this drink elevate your spirit from within.

Pure sparkling mineral water enhanced with 100% organic Japanese cherry blossom essence. No calories, sugars or sweeteners. We believe in letting the botanicals work their magic uninhibited.

Japanese cherry blossoms or ‘sakura’ as they are known locally are sometimes referred to as Japan’s best kept beauty secret. Infused in hot water as a delicately flavored tea or added to skincare products, the mineral-rich blossoms can help repair, smooth and clarify the complexion.


12 fl. oz. │ 355 ml

Rōzu │ Summer Bloom │ Sparkling Japanese Cherry Blossom 

We bottled bliss.