For centuries, beauty icons and fearless leaders like Aphrodite, Cleopatra and numerous queens across Europe and Asia extracted the essence of roses in the form of rose water. The Egyptian queen was known to bathe in a mix of honey and rose hips consistently, which made many believe it to be the secret to her ethereal beauty. Indian queens are known for creating face masks with rose water to firm the skin and maintain a youthful glow.

As legend has it, the ancient ruler Cleopatra derived her beauty and power from her self-care routine. Each night she would lay down the dramas of the day and relax in a revitalizing tonic of rose water. She understood what still holds true today: there is power in surrender. Our ability to be at our best selves depends on our ability to take care of ourselves. This starts right here with the ultra-hydrating and vitamin-infused Rōzu made from Bulgarian roses. Let this moment. This bottle. This now. Replenish and restore your innate wellness because there is no greater care than self-care. There is no greater love than self-love. There is no greater way to replenish and reconnect than with Rōzu— the simple sparkling power of surrender.

Today, roses are used in luxury treatments in the world’s top-rated spas and wellness retreats to transform and revitalize the skin. It is also known as a key ingredient in top-selling high-end beauty and skincare products.

Other companies have used rose water in unhealthy, unnatural beverages that mislead consumers into believing they’re getting the benefits of rose water. Adding rose water to sugary or artificially sweetened drinks distorts the natural, lightly fragrant taste, and takes away the elements that beautify and rehydrate the body properly as water should.

Enter Rōzu.

Stemmed from the Japanese katakana word for “rose,” Rōzu is the first beverage of its kind: a purposeful combination of pure sparkling mineral water and 100% organic Bulgarian rose water from rosa damascena roses. With no additives, it’s pure and hydrating the way rose water is meant to be enjoyed. Rōzu is more than just a sparkling water, it’s a lifestyle catered to inspire living with luxury, good health, style, and self-love. Refreshing and unexpected, Rōzu is a bottled luxury spa experience savored at home or on the go.