Sparkling Bulgarian Rose Water

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Morning Bloom: Sparkling Bulgarian Rose Water

Bathe your senses in the blossoms of the beyond

Morning Bloom, Rōzu's sparkling Bulgarian rose water, captures the spirit of the rose in a uniquely refreshing and restorative beverage. The very same elixir that inspired Michelangelo’s great works and amplified Cleopatra’s world-renowned beauty.

Made with 100% organic steam-distilled R. damascena rose essence from the prized rosa damascena, grown in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. Where mild winters, balmy springs and abundant morning dews cultivate an unmatched horticultural wonder.

Combined with pure sparkling mineral water and carefully selected sea minerals. No calories, sugars or sweeteners. We believe in letting the botanicals work their magic uninhibited.

Rose water has been used across the centuries for its multitude of health and beauty benefits. As an ultra-hydrating treatment, it revitalizes skin and improves the complexion. It has been clinically linked to mood enhancement and is well-known for its anti-aging properties. Rose petals are infused with minerals, making them as popular with today’s modern beauty industry as they were with ancient alchemists.


12 fl. oz. │ 355 ml

Rōzu │ Morning Bloom │ Sparkling Bulgarian Rose Water

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