Sparkling French Lavender Water

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Evening Dusk: Sparkling French Lavender Water

Drift away on a dusky evening breeze

Evening Dusk is a drink inspired by the vibrant purple lavender fields of Provence, France. Sun-kissed skin. The soft buzz of cicadas. A warm evening breeze. Let the sweet, earthy, aromatic scents envelop you as you drift away into a gentle sleep. 

Pure sparkling mineral water enhanced with 100% organic French lavender flower essence sourced from South France. No calories, sugars, or sweeteners. We believe in letting the botanicals work their magic uninhibited.

First used in ancient Egypt and then by Persians, Romans and ancient Greeks, lavender has been applied throughout the centuries to ease many ailments of the body and mind. Including stress, restlessness, hair loss, acne, and skin irritations. Today, lavender’s powerful aromatherapeutic properties makes it a popular essential oil to promote tranquility and wellness.


6-pack │ 12 fl. oz. cans.

Rōzu │ Evening Dusk: Sparkling French Lavender Water

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